Artist statement

Based on the landscape, and a strong sense of colour and design I react to what feels right as I create my work.

Born on a sheep property I’ve grown up with wool and so it is not surprising that felting is the process I use to create my vessels.

Once I was introduced to felt I was captivated by its tactile qualities, rich range of colours and the magical meshing of fibres which then can be manipulated into forms and shapes to create vessels. Felt is a non woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woollen fibres. I use felt as its an ecological, sustainable textile.

Vessels are a very early utilitarian art form.  I regard my felted vessels as a pure art because they lack any utilitarian function. I create them because I enjoy them visually and at the same time know that they are part of a long history of development.

My free machine embroidery involves 2 dimensional wall works, quite often in abstract form with representational imagery. I work intuitively, responding to places I have visited.